What Else You don’t Know about Generic Viagra: FAQs & Answers

Our everyday goal is to provide you with affordable medicines for fast and efficient ED treatment. And though there are numerous resources available for those, who need to know more about male impotence, some questions still remain.

We really want you to learn more about Generic Viagra and its effects. We need you to have enough information to feel safe while taking it. So, here are top FAQs and physician’s answers to them.

Brand vs. Generic Viagra. Is there any difference?
Actually, there is no. People believe that anything that has generic in its name is of bad quality. We still don’t understand where this idea came from. Today we are trying to convince our patients of the false of this opinion. Ingredients and elements in both drug types are identical. So are the effects.

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People call it aphrodisiac. Can Viagra be regarded as such?
You may say it for fun. But don’t take it seriously, because these pills never increase the sexual need as aphrodisiacs do. Generic Viagra only helps those, who are sexually inspired. When relationship crisis is the reason for impotence, no blue pill can cure it.

Can Generic Viagra cure ED?
Unfortunately, it can’t. In fact, neither of existing drugs can. We call them dysfunction treatment medicines, yet they all are only permanent solutions. Recently there has appeared a theory that these pills can be taken regularly to help men be ready whenever needed.

Is it safe to take pills daily?
If a man consults his physician, this variant may be suggested. Though cases are rare. Besides, to escape side effects and ensure best results a proper dose should be chosen. That may be tough, so only a few doctors do that.

You’ve mentioned the dosage. Could you tell what the recommended dose is?
As I’ve mentioned, it’s the physician who can decide what doses are suitable in different cases. The prescription will depend on numerous factors. However, 50mg are regarded as the most frequent and suitable choice. The pill is taken 40-60 minutes before the intercourse. The time difference depends on toleration and efficacy. Sometimes the dose either decreases to 25mg or increases to 100mg.

And for how long does the pill work?
It depends. On average, it functions during 5 hours. The first two hours are characterized by a very high plasma concentration. Then the action subsides, but gradually. Some men state that the effect wasn’t as great as they expected (2-3 hours). I have an answer to that too. And it sounds like much alcohol and fattening foods. Don’t expect pills to work for more than six hours. If they do, don’t get too excited. It’s the first symptom of the problem that requires medical examination.

One may read much about Viagra interaction with other pills. So, should one refuse from other treatment courses and medicines, while he’s trying to manage his ED problems?
Refusing from serious treatment courses to give way to Viagra is surely not the way out. And you are right: Generic Viagra interacts with many various drugs. However, this isn’t necessary the interaction that leads to lethal outcomes. It should never be mixed with medicines that include nitroglycerin as the combination of this sort will surely lead to blood flow problems or even a heart attack.

What about other medicines?
Professional examination and consultation will help dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

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Are there any foods that these pills should not be mixed with?
Yes, there are. Though their list is short. I’ve mentioned fattening foods and alcohol. You can drink some wine and eat fries or steak, of course. But in moderation. Too much alcohol will lead to vision changes and even dizziness. Too much fattening foods will increase the time amount required for pills’ effective work. What I want to add to the list is grapefruit juice.

Really? Never though it could cause any problems…
No one did. FYI, grapefruit juice prevents Viagra from absorbing into the system. Generic Viagra can increase in man’s blood and lead to side effects. Some of them are really dangerous.

What minor or serious side effects are the commonest? And what is more important: can males escape them all?
Any drug can cause side effects. Frankly speaking, it is even normal to experience side effects, because they always come with positive ones. Consumption of the generic product is not an exception. The severity or mildness depends on the dose being taken. Mild ones can include head- or stomach ache, dizziness or nausea. They are absolutely harmless, so there’s nothing to get worried about.

What about severe cases?
These are rarely reported. They develop after the combination of pills with the foods and beverages mentioned above. If there is an abnormal heart rate or chest pain, a man should rush to the hospital.

Is there any advice for those, who faced ED?
Well, the only tip I can give is not to hesitate over professional examination. The sooner you go to your physician, the faster your sexual life gets back to norm.

Thanks for tips and recommendations. We hope they will be handy for millions of ED sufferers.
It was a pleasure to share some important facts.